UK: Another embarrassing revelation for Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister's New Christmas Scandal. It is under this title in red letters that the Sunday Mirror published, Sunday, December 12, a new embarrassing photo for Boris Johnson. Because the days follow one another and tend to resemble each other for the Prime Minister who sees the press regularly reveal his misconduct.

The new attack therefore took the form of a photo of the Prime Minister in Downing Street surrounded by two aides, one with a garland around his neck, the other appearing to be wearing a Santa hat. It would have been taken during a quiz organized on December 15, 2020, at a time when the British were under strict restrictions intended to limit the spread of the virus.

Another party in December 2020

Sent to put out this new fire, Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi played down the facts, referring to “a ten to fifteen minute virtual quiz to thank the staff” . A game without alcohol and in compliance with the “rules of confinement”, according to this member of the government.

However, this publication comes at a time when the British are already criticizing the Prime Minister for a party which was allegedly organized in Downing Street on December 18, 2020. The most senior British civil servant, Simon Case, has been asked to lead an investigation internal, and "consequences" were announced for those who broke the rules.

This new affair, which seems to show a certain levity on the part of Boris Johnson, even a certain casualness, has provoked the anger of the Labor opposition. "While the rules said people shouldn't have Christmas parties at work and Britons across the country did the right thing, Boris Johnson was presiding over a culture of disregard for the rules in heart of government,” Labor deputy leader Angela Rayner said. "Boris Johnson really thinks there's one rule for him and another for everyone," she continued, deeming him "unfit to lead this country."

Conservative weariness

UK Embarrassing New Revelation for Boris Johnson

Sign of a certain breathlessness in Boris Johnson's management style, the conservative camp seems to be cracking, as evidenced by the publication of documents from his entourage. It is true that his credibility is at half mast: according to a YouGov poll recently published by the daily newspaper The Times, 68% of people questioned think that Boris Johnson is “lying”.

Because scandals follow one another at the end of the year, not only on the pandemic, but also on issues related to the functioning of the State (luxurious renovation of the Prime Minister's official accommodation, accusations of favoritism, etc. .). And Labor is now ahead of the Conservatives in the polls.

New turn of the screw against Omicron

These revelations to the chain are all the more unfortunate as they come at a time when the government must take additional measures to deal with the variant of Covid-19 , Omicron. A new turn of the screw was decreed on Sunday: from Tuesday, fully vaccinated contact cases of positive people will have to carry out antigen tests daily for seven days, while those who are not vaccinated must remain isolated for ten days, announced the Ministry of Health.

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“The Omicron variant is rapidly gaining traction in the UK and is expected to become the dominant strain by mid-December,” said Health Minister Sajid Javid, explaining that the new measure is intended to “ limit the impact on people's daily lives while helping to reduce the spread of Omicron."

These announcements are in addition to measures presented in early December by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, including the return to teleworking and the introduction of the health passport in certain places.