Twitch: one more banished exhibitionist!

Indeed, waddling in front of your webcam during a stream can cost on Twitch. A streamer has been permanently banned from the platform! For some time, it has not been uncommon to see pretty young ladies stream in undress to attract the customer and therefore amass many viewers, therefore potential donors. But generally, when they are caught red-handed, the latter prefer to deny this voluntary practice by speaking instead of so-called involuntary "sexy fails".

Unlike some, she assumes, she

Today, unlike LegendaryLea who caused controversy a few months ago on Twitch by showing her private parts during a live stream and which had earned her a 30-day ban, we present to you Zoie Burgher. This pretty blonde who comments on parts of Call of Duty doesn't hesitate to shake her ass with each Killcam and she assumes!

Twitch : une exhibitionniste de plus bannie !

She assumes because her pretty plastic allows her to have a nice community of fans. Except that Twitch has decided to inflict a heavy penalty on her: banish her permanently! The streamer therefore saw her account permanently suspended as you can see in the email she received.

Even if she is now banned from broadcasting on Twitch, rest assured, the pretty blonde is still very active on her Twitter and YouTube account as you can see in a message she posted.

Come on, we wish you to stay strong in the face of this bad news! And while waiting to see her again one day, we suggest you watch this video to get an idea of ​​the content she loves to make.

Chargement de la vidéo… (voir sur Dailymotion)