What material is really necessary to breastfeed?

Faut-il acheter des bouts de sein pour allaiter ? Un tire-lait est-il utile ? Quels objets sont vraiment nécessaires, et qu’est-ce qui est accessoire ? Zoom sur le matériel indispensable pour l’allaitement de Bébé.Quel matériel est vraiment nécessaire pour allaiter  ? Quel matériel est vraiment nécessaire pour allaiter  ?

I want to breastfeed: the breastfeeding bra, the essential

On a daily basis, the breastfeeding bra is essential the basic equipment.More reason to choose it well.It is recommended to try it well."He must not compress the breast, nor the area under the armpits, at the level of the areola," warns Françoise Coudray, breastfeeding professional.Indeed, such pressure can have an influence on the flow of breast milk, and ultimately, generate engorgement.By breastfeeding, are you afraid of losing your sex appeal?Think again !Major lingerie brands offer very sexy ornaments ... Budget question, count from 10 to 60 €, depending on the model.

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Breastfeeding: useful products

The breast pump

No doubt, the breast pump is the precious ally of active mothers, who wish to delay as much as possible mixed breastfeeding or weaning.Ideal for making a reserve of breast milk for a release or resumption of work.Electric or manual, the choice of breast pump depends above all on your needs.Very practical, the double pumping breast pump offers a real time saving, without breaking the bank!The equipment is rented in pharmacies or at a professional rental company, on medical prescription.Do not hesitate to ask for a recent model, bi-phase, reproducing baby's suction.

What is the price of a breast pump?

Quel matériel est vraiment nécessaire pour allaiter  ?

In store, the price of a manual breast pump varies from 30 to 150 € count 180 to 600 € for a personal electric model.Hospital quality breast pumps cost 500 to 1500 €


Silicone breast collection is a useful and practical alternative, for those who want to recover the milk that easily flows from the second breast when breastfeeding on one side.It is generally used as an extra manual breast pump.

Sold between 20 and 35 €

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Breastfeeding pads

Washable or disposable, breastfeeding pads slip, neither seen, nor known, in your breastfeeding bra to absorb any breast milk flows.Result: no unsightly spot on your beautiful blouse!Remember to bring a box in advance, in case."The pads should be changed often to keep the breasts clean, if not beware of irritation," warns Françoise Coudray, our breastfeeding pro.Are you out of stock?Use small guest towels.From 3 to 16 €.

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Breastfeeding, accessory equipment

Breastfeeding shells or cups

Slipped into your bra, shells or cups avoid friction of nipples on the fabric.However, prudence is to put.Indeed, these accessories stimulate the breasts and can cause engorging.Our advice: only bring them over a short period, or during the first days, to facilitate the rise of milk.Generally sold by two, from 8 to 15 €.

Bouts of Sein

Recommended after premature birth to help baby suckle, or in the event of significant crevices, breast ends are very specific breastfeeding accessories.Before any use, it is essential to take advice from a breastfeeding specialist.Namely: the use of breast ends generally involves using a breast pump in parallel to avoid engorgement, clogged channels, difficulty installing a good Milky secretion.The size of the nipples and the baby's oral cavity will determine the size of the breast ends.More reason to find out about the merits of this purchase.From 4 € per pair.

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