We tested the Elia Lingerie committed period panties!

Combining comfort and respect for the environment, menstrual panties have been a great success for several years! Pleasant to wear, they ensure all women, whatever their flow, a day without inconvenience that will allow them to forget this period of the month.

Elia, the French menstrual lingerie brand in organic cotton, offers each woman the choice of the model that will enhance them while protecting them for up to 12 noon at any time during the cycle!

Simplifying everyday life without sacrificing health

Elia is a company created in 2018 by two young women, Marion suffering from endometriosis and Apolline young mother, both followers of organic and healthy alternatives. The two entrepreneurs at heart wanted to rewrite the rules of the game by designing models of comfortable, elegant menstrual panties with proven effectiveness!

The brand is thus committed to taking care of women, their health and our environment. For this, it collaborates with researchers and doctors, favors local and made in France production and invests in research and innovation with the aim of offering us sustainable and zero waste products that are committed to worthy causes such as Pink October, the accessibility of feminine hygiene and Endometriosis!

Elia menstrual panties are made from Oeko Tex certified fabrics guaranteed to be free of pesticides and silver nanoparticles, and the Origine France Garantie brand label ensures local manufacture and production. Healthy and safe, all of the brand's models benefit from an absorbent eucalyptus fiber technology that makes them odor-proof, moisture-proof and leak-proof. With a lifespan of around 5 to 7 years, each Elia brief will save you money and is generally amortized after only 4 months!

Feminine and refined

In partnership with Elia, we were able to test two of their models, the Simone high-waisted briefs and the Colette shorty!

We tested engaged period panties Elia Lingerie!

The Elia menstrual panties all have 1.5mm of smart fabrics divided into four layers, a very soft organic cotton zone in contact with our skin, an innovative absorbent zone in eucalyptus fiber, an ultra-waterproof zone in PUL flexible and breathable and a second area in organic cotton on the outside. The organic cotton entirely woven and sewn in France will offer you the comfort you will need to face this period of the month and will guarantee the durability and ease of maintenance of the model. The eucalyptus fiber will offer you the necessary protection and will make you benefit from a feeling of freshness throughout use thanks to its properties which neutralize odors and absorb humidity for a dry day. Intraversible and waterproof PUL guarantees resistance to washing and anti-leakage safety.

The Simone menstrual panties are comfort incarnate, they are suitable for all body types, perfect for medium to heavy flows and promise unparalleled comfort. High waisted, it will allow us to flatter our figure and allow us to be comfortable throughout the day since it supports the belly during all this period of the month when we are often bloated and feel bloated.

The Colette menstrual shorty is the sexy model par excellence that will allow us to remain feminine during our periods. He who hugs our hips with touches of geometric lace will protect your privacy which is in direct contact with organic cotton. Perfect for medium flows, the shorty will give you the benefit of an advantageous cut, a refined design and impeccable quality, enough to make you want to wear it all month long without having to wait for your menstrual cycle! A pretty piece of Elia menstrual lingerie to treat yourself to.

These two models have been tested by two women on our team, one with a medium flow and another with a heavy flow and their feedback could not be more positive! The medium-flow young woman was able to use both models throughout her period without inconvenience and highlighted their comfort and their very important anti-odor properties during these days when we often lack self-confidence. The young woman with the abundant flow opted to use the more absorbent and shapely Simone Panties during the second day of her period, where her flow is more abundant and the Shorty Colette on the last day of her period where her flow is more moderate and his need to please resurfaces!

Both have also highlighted their ease of maintenance since they are compatible with the washing machine, you will only have to rinse them in cold water until it is clear and then the machine wash between 30 and 40° before letting it air dry!

Where to find Elia menstrual panties?

Are you looking for the best period panties to make your period a pleasure? Visit elia-lingerie.com to place an order and calculate your savings!

Happy shopping!