New Year 2021: we go for the rental of evening dresses

Lena Situations borrowed her dress from Les Prêteuses © Instagram @lenamahfouf

At a time when the environmental challenge is pushing everyone to rethink their relationship to fashion, trends and their way of consuming, clothing rental, like the second-hand purchase, seduced more and more. What if the end-of-year celebrations were the perfect time to test the rental of evening dresses?

Why rent your evening dress?

Because it's eco-responsible

Second most polluting industry on the planet, fashion alone generates more than 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases according to a report by the Ellen McArthur Foundation published in 2017. Fortunately, fashion is gradually taking the fold thanks to certain actors in the industry, especially those offering clothing rental as an alternative. Rental of Ganni clothing (currently only available to its Danish customers), receipt of a monthly box containing four designer pieces such as The Runway offers, shoe rental service at Bocage... Many brands are starting to offer this kind of service. in a circular fashion, and the evening dress is not left out.

Because it's cheaper

The evening dress is clearly not the most profitable piece of our wardrobe. Often expensive, worn only a few times or for a very specific occasion, it costs us a lot if we oppose its use. And that's where renting comes in handy. Whether we dream of attending our best friend's wedding in a Valentino couture dress or wearing a Paco Rabanne dress for an evening, renting is the perfect opportunity to have fun without paying the equivalent of minimum wage. Ranging from ten euros a day for a Maje dress to around €200 to rent a Saint Laurent dress for four days, renting is certainly more profitable and allows you to wear pieces that you might not have opportunity to buy.

Because my closet is saturated

New Year 2021: we're racing on the evening dress rental

Let's face it. We have all said to ourselves one day "I have nothing to wear" in front of our dressing room, which is nevertheless full to bursting. The rental of evening dresses allows us to renew our dressing room without cluttering up our wardrobes. No more pieces that we never put, in a ball at the back of the closet or that we do not even see so much the wardrobe is saturated. Hello the pretty dresses that we will only wear as long as we want, for a weekend or an evening.

The best occasions to rent your evening dress

For a wedding, a gala, a birthday, a chic evening or any other occasion, it is possible to find the perfect dress for rent. Whether you are looking for a long dress with a wow effect, a cocktail dress, a couture dress or an original ceremonial dress, dress rental makes it easy to find what you are looking for. and without the fuss.

Renting your evening dress: how does it work?

It all depends on where we rent our items. On some platforms offering this service, all you have to do is choose the dress or dresses of your choice and schedule a delivery, preferably a day or two before the event for which you want to rent our pieces. Laundry is always covered, as well as delivery and return costs, generally included in the price.

At Une Robe Un Soir, the rental of designer dresses is done over 4 days, while at Ba&sh or Les Cachotières it is possible to extend up to 12 days. At Maje we see even further, since the rental of selected outfits is available for up to several months! On the other hand, other platforms favor physical appointments in their showroom in order to try on several designer dresses and find the one that will suit our expectations but also our size, as does the rental service Les Prêteuses.

Evening dress rental: the best addresses

Evening dress rental at Les Prêteuses

© Instagram @lespreteuses

Evening dress rental at Une Robe Un Soir

© Instagram @unerobeunsoir

Rent Your Ba&sh Closet Clothing and Party Dress Rental

© Rent Your Ba&sh Closet

Evening dress rental at Ma Bonne Amie

© My Good Friend

Evening dress rental at Les Cachotières

© Press

Maje Location clothing and evening dress rental

© Maje Rental

Evening dress rental at Maison Lou

© Instagram @maisonlou

Evening dress rental at The Daily Dressing

© The Daily Dressing

Rental of White Bridal evening dresses

© Instagram @blancmarieeparis75

Rental of evening and ceremony dresses at Robe Paris

© Dress Paris