Large breastfeeding bra: Choose well!

Whether you are at the end of your pregnancy or after 9 months of excitement and little hassles, pounds lost and/or regained with a baby finally there, the question of the large size nursing bra arises laid.Nursing bra large size: choose well!

Especially if you already have a generous chest at the base, you wonder if you will be able to find a very large nursing bra.

How to choose the right large size nursing bra?


It is obvious if you plan to breastfeed that you must plan your lingerie before the birth of your little angel. But be careful, not too early either to choose your nursing bra at the right size. Ideally, plan your purchases from the 8th month of pregnancy.

Underwired or not?

Admittedly, the plus size non-wired nursing bra is not the height of glamour, but let's face it isn't really the question that occupies your thoughts when you leave the maternity ward! Choose it in cotton or stretch microfiber. Very comfortable, it can adapt to variations in cup sizes depending on the rise in milk, as a bonus you can even wear it at night.Support- Large size nursing bra: choose well!

And yes, as with pregnancy, there is a hidden side of things that are not really funny and comfortable, the milk coming in and drips being part of it. It is therefore preferable to wear a comfortable bra at night with nursing pads so as not to stain your lingerie and sheets.

Plus Size Nursing Bra : choose well!

A little later, you can choose some underwired models to wear during the day.

What size?

You will have to wait about 15 days after giving birth for your breasts to reach their final size if you are breastfeeding. Now is the time to invest in a second model of plus size nursing bra.

Your breasts will be heavier and very sensitive, so it is essential that you choose a bra that provides good support. The cups should not compress your chest, otherwise the nipples will become inflamed (mastitis). If you are used to wearing padded bras, try to avoid this as much as possible for the duration of your breastfeeding, the cup must remain flexible.

It is essential to take your measurements correctly in order to choose the right size bra.Plus size nursing bra : choose well!

Where can I find a large size nursing bra?

First, don't hesitate to register on private sales sites specializing in items for babies, mothers and children. You will be able to find sales of quality nursing bras at very attractive prices and sometimes in large caps! As a bonus, you can save money when shopping for baby's arrival and even diapers.

Getting Started

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As said at the beginning of the article, the first nursing bras should rather prioritize comfort with a model without underwire, in cotton.

Nursing bra large size: choose well!

Curvy lingerie

The good version of the shell model because they are made of foam so as not to hurt the chest.

To continue

If you feel more comfortable with underwires, you can keep your first nursing bras for nighttime comfort and opt for an underwired model during the day.

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When you breastfeed, you often have to show off your lingerie, so you might as well fall for this pretty feminine model enhanced with lace.

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A sober but effective and versatile model!

We hope that our advice and our selection for all budgets will help you in your search for the perfect plus size nursing bra!