Jeff Panacloc, father of two girls: "I try not to mix everything up"

He is one of the most popular comedians of the last ten years. Since his debut in March 2011 on Patrick Sébastien's show, Le plus grand cabaret du monde, to whom he owes a lot, Jeff Panacloc has never stopped filling rooms all over France. With his style based on ventriloquism, the 34-year-old young man, born in Nogent-sur-Marne, conquered the French thanks to his completely wacky puppet and which he named Jean-Marc. An inseparable duo and it makes you wonder which of the two is the most famous today?

Asked by Le Parisien on Wednesday June 16 about his future projects and his family life, Jeff Panacloc made some confessions about his two daughters, Rose (born in 2018), and Alice (born in 2020). If the young dad has already confided in his relationship with the greatest, he never really mentioned the relationship of his daughters with his profession and in particular the star of his shows, the monkey Jean-Marc. "He doesn't exist too much at home, the big one knows he's my friend, but I try not to mix everything up. It's important," he says.

Jeff Panacloc, father of two daughters:

If the husband of Charlotte de Hugo, whom he married in 2016 after a rather special marriage proposal, wishes to protect Rose and Alice from their profession and their notoriety, he knows that things will not last. "There are no pictures of him at my house, I want to protect them from all this, they will know soon enough what dad is doing", he assures, before concluding with a wish: " If they can't be fans of Jean-Marc, that will be fine."