Hot Rihanna: garter belt and lace shorts She ignites the red carpet in her underwear

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1/12 - Rihanna Rihanna sexy for her fashion show
By Mélanie Faure

Rihanna posed in super sexy lingerie at the Savage x Fenty fashion show in New York on Wednesday, September 22. The singer unveiled her fall collection to the world.

Rihanna is back on the front of the stage, but without a microphone! The singer unveiled the new collection of her lingerie brand Savage x Fenty on Wednesday September 22. On this occasion, Rihanna appeared in a super sexy black lingerie set, long straight black hair, with bangs, lace stockings and a pair of XXL platform heeled sandals. All accessorized with numerous bracelets and necklaces. A luxury ambassador for her brand! At his side, the models Shanina Shaik and Duckie Thot as well as the actresses Jessie Li and Cynthia Erivo, who had also released their most beautiful trappings. On Instagram, Rihanna unveiled the work of the Savage x Fenty Show, broadcast on the Amazon Prime streaming platform. An ascent for the star from Barbados...

The billion-dollar woman

On the heart side, after a tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown, a supposed love affair with the Canadian rapper Drake and a beautiful story with Hassan Jameel, Rihanna seems to have found love again in the arms of A$AP Rocky. The Work interpreter had ended his relationship with Saudi businessman and billionaire Hassan Jameel in early 2020 after three years of relationship. The reason for this breakup? The incompatibility of their ways of life. There is no doubt that Rihanna is a real accomplished businesswoman!

According to Forbes magazine, his fortune is estimated at $1.7 billion. His success is explained by the sale of his albums to planetary success and his cosmetics empire with Fenty Beauty.

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2/12 - Rihanna Rihanna unveiled the new Savage x Fenty collection
3/12 - Rihanna A preview in New York, USA
4/12 - Rihanna Rihanna posed proudly on the red carpet
5/12 - Rihanna A true femme fatale
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6/12 - Rihanna and Asap Rocky Rihanna and Asap Rocky on Sep 13, 2021
7/12 - Rihanna Rihanna poses topless on Instagram
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8/12 - Rihanna Rihanna at the 'Fashion Awards 2019' party at the Royal Albert Hall in London on December 2, 2019.
9/12 - Rihanna Rihanna in underwear
10/12 - Rihanna and ASAP Rocky ASAP Rocky, Rihanna - Celebrities attend the 'Fashion Awards 2019' ceremony at the Royal Albert Hall in London on December 2, 2019.
11/12 - Rihanna British Fashion Awards party in London. December 1, 2014
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12/12 - Rihanna Rihanna arrives at the launch party for her pop-up "Fenty Beauty" store at Cipriani in New York City on June 18, 2019.
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AnonymousOn 09/26 at 08:24

Rihanna Hot: Garter Belt and Shorts lace She ignites the red carpet in underwear

Despite his fortune, he failed to buy class and good taste

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Anonymous3877406On 09/26 at 09:06

You talk about good taste and class! Do you know what it is exactly? Of course not! You talk about things you don't even know. And for your information, money does not buy everything! Who told you that she wanted to have class? You think for him. OK!

40 Report abuse
AnonymousOn 09/26 at 08:23

Pretty but fat and vulgar

14ReplyReport abuse
Anonymous3878922On 09/26 at 15:28

Always the same comments! Lacking arguments? Search again! But, it's not won!

30 Report abuse
AnonymousOn 09/25 at 13:46

I like bc Rihanna and Megan Fox. They are bombs!!!

00ReplyReport abuse
AnonymousOn 09/25 at 11:23

two fried eggs hahahahahahahah thank you for the giggles

00ReplyReport abuse
AnonymousOn 09/25 at 11:10

Jealousy when you hold us. Long live the pretty Rihanna, who is also armored

140ReplyReport abuse
AnonymousOn 09/25 at 10:59

Vulgarity is its business. Her clips sell because she provokes

18ReplyReport abuse
Anonymous3875031On 09/25 at 11:12

Blah blah blah.

90 Report abuse
Anonymous3874940On 09/25 at 10:40

She has good thighs, the Rihanna! Not the mannequin size, far from it

2010ReplyReport abuse
Anonymous3875025On 09/25 at 11:10

Show yourself!? And we'll see later.

101 Report abuse
Anonymous3874724On 09/25 at 08:22

She had breast implants before she had two fried eggs!!

26ReplyReport abuse
Anonymous3874823On 09/25 at 09:38


00 Report abuse
Anonymous3874722On 09/25 at 08:20

Too vulgar ´I can´t see this girl forever!Beyonce is more classfulful of talent next to her!

37ReplyReport abuse
Anonymous3874782On 09/25 at 09:12

You don't have to like it. You have the choice with Loana, Nabilla, Maeva and so on. They might suit you better!

120 Report abuse
AnonymousOn 09/25 at 07:39

There are people who come into the world to become planetary stars, they or they have all the qualities required to become one, even luck, but are they really happy for that?

10ReplyReport abuse
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