Facebook's Metaverse Could Be Toxic to Human Society, Reflecting Concern About Safety of Artificial Intelligence, Says Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, the ex-CEO of Google, suggests that the Facebook metaverse is certainly not promising. He expresses his doubts and fears regarding the uncertainty of artificial intelligence technology, for humans.Eric Schmidt, in an interview with The New York Times on Saturday, stated his views regarding the advance of artificial intelligence and its control over almost everything. 'artificial intelligence is quite vague, it can be unreliable and erratic like a comrade,' he replied when asked for his opinion on artificial intelligence as friend or foe. Schmidt oversaw Google's 2001 to 2011 and until half of the current year, acted as executive chairman, notified that he believes that, technology will be everywhere shortly, which he inferred as a threat to the human society. Most people who talk about metaverses talk about a world that will be more attractive than the one that already exists because it will satisfy every person, which will be a complete self-delusion. He deduced in Times, that the coming days will only teach us to live in illusion. People will rather devour their day with their VR glasses in the metaverse. He indicated that the realm will become virtual rather than material, which poses a threat to mankind. Furthermore, he pointed to the artificial intelligence as a giant false god that builds crippled and toxic social bonds.
However, Schmidt is not the only person who fears the future of AI technology, many tech company executives have spoken out against her as well. Tesla's Musk is also unconvinced about the security and authenticity of the advanced technology. Tech giant Facebook, now Meta, has already been a hot topic around the world since the company's leaked documents. Today, the company has changed its name to Meta and has declared itself ready to develop the metaverse as a virtual coin, encouraging people to communicate digitally and improve themselves. The company has worked hard to pitch its metaverse goal to deal with the animosity and move away from it. It's preposterous to assume that the company changed its name to Meta to avoid the backlash it suffers due to leaked documents, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg told the media. Also, they would rather be Metaverse than Facebook, he said at the firm's Oculus connect event.
And you? Do you agree with Eric Schmidt? What is your opinion on the metaverse? How do you think most people will react to Facebook's Metaverse?See Also Facebook is changing its name to Meta. Zuckerberg hopes a billion people will be in the metaverse within ten years Facebook launches Horizon Workrooms, a new VR telecommuting app, Oculus Quest 2 headset users will be able to hold meetings as their avatar version

Facebook metaverse could be toxic to human societyReflecting concern about the safety of artificial intelligence, says ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt