Bazas: after two months in a coma, Patrice wakes up with a brilliant idea

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« Cela fait partie des choses bizarres de la vie. » Patrice esquisse un léger sourire. De sa main droite, il met en marche un vieux poste TSF. Quelques seconde plus tard, l’objet, qui avait été jusqu’alors oublié dans un grenier, délivre ses premières notes de musique.Bazas : après deux mois de coma, Patrice se réveille avec une idée de génie Bazas : après deux mois de coma, Patrice se réveille avec une idée de génie

A few months earlier, this delightfully vintage antique was gathering dust.

Today, after passing through Patrice's workshop, it has become a Bluetooth speaker. And the handyman has made it his business. He set up his shop, Au pays des Merveilles, in rue Mercadilh, in Bazas (Gironde). “I really liked the idea of ​​bringing a dead object back to life,” says the person concerned. Today, Bluetooth is within reach of everyone thanks to telephones. It's very easy to use. »

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Bazas : après deux mois de coma, Patrice se réveille avec une idée de génie

How did he get this idea? The answer may surprise many...

He, who ran a creperie in Coutras, completely changed his job… Since then, Patrice has made good progress and handles the various tools he needs with precision. Those who want proof of this just have to push the door of his business. It is here, on imposing shelves, that he stores his creations. And there is enough to make you dizzy.

It transforms any object

Old rotary telephones, moped helmets, a 1972 television, cinema projectors… In his hands, any object can be transformed into a speaker.

“Once a lady was very sad to see that her deceased dad's record player was no longer working. After a few hours at the workshop, I showed him… A big smile lit up his face. She was over the moon! »

What also make Patrice happy, able to transform objects into Bluetooth speakers on request. Cost of the operation: 120 euros.

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Almost everything goes there… even roller skates from the 80s. “People can bring me an object directly. Then I equip it, he says. I clean, I disinfect, I recycle what can be recycled. And, above all, I do everything to keep as many original parts as possible. No question, for him, of distorting an object.

On his workbench, which he installed in the back of the shop, the handyman spends hours handling, dismantling, renovating, reassembling... A painstaking job that today gives him immense satisfaction. “For each object, it takes between one and four hours,” he admits. But I don't see the time passing. I'm having fun ! »

Aux pays des Merveilles, 10 rue Mercadilh, à Bazas. Contact :

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