8 fun tips to spice up your relationship

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By Amandine

    You have been together for several years now or, on the contrary, it has not necessarily been very long but you feel the need to put a little spice in your relationship. You do not know how ? We give you some very simple tips that will change your life... and his!

    First tip? Relieve guilt...

    First thing to understand before getting to the heart of the matter: having a little slack in your relationship is PERFECTLY normal, whether you've been together for 10 years or a year, it doesn't there is no rule. So we take a deep breath, we stop telling ourselves that it's his fault or his and we carefully read the advice that will follow...

    8 fun and playful tips to spice up your relationship

    Ready to discover them? This is where it's happening!

    1 - Practice the French kiss

    We all know the "bad" habit of a little kiss in the morning before leaving for work or in the evening before going to bed. Let's drop all that and go back to basics: surprise your partner by kissing him in a soft BUT hot way when he least expects it. You are not told to jump on him but simply to kiss him languidly. Believe us, it will have its small effect!

    2 - Adopt a naughty attitude

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    Sideways glances, sexy outfits (lingerie for women, boxers for men), offer role-playing games, send sexts,... There are all sorts of ideas to add spice and raise the temperature between you. Little advice all the same: do not do too much at once, it must be punctual and that it remains natural.

    3 - Don't stop masturbating

    Some people still consider it a taboo, especially when you're in a relationship. Understand that it is not because our partner is masturbating that we are not enough for him sexually. Conversely, explain to your partner that it has nothing to do with his sexual performance. It's scientifically proven: masturbating is good for our health and for our libido!

    4 - Try new positions together

    Missionary, doggy style, doggy style, missionary,... Well that's good, but how about we spice it up by consulting the pages of the Kamasutra? Of course, don't necessarily break your leg, but talk to your partner about their new sexual desires. Similarly, you can totally spice up your missionary and doggy style by slightly changing the angle or the caresses you provide.

    5 - Make love in unusual places

    Renewing yourself sexually speaking is not only a question of positions... It is also very interesting to make love in places unusual. Beach in summer, fitting room, in the middle of nature, in a car,... Be inventive, don't be afraid of anything, communicate with your partner and be careful not to get caught!

    6 - Sleep naked from time to time

    Yes in winter, when you're chilly, it's not necessarily the best, but remember to do it from time to time in time... Carnal skin-to-skin contact is very conducive to nocturnal closeness... What's more, sleeping naked is very good for your health according to science, don't hesitate any longer and take advantage of it!

    7 - Don't demonize porn

    Do you feel very uncomfortable watching porn with your partner or do you just find it repugnant? Try to relax the bridle a little at this level, talk about it with your lover or lover, maybe he would like to try watching a video with you? What's more, it can give you ideas to test new positions...

    8 - Take a little trip to a sex shop

    Whoa? Well yes, contrary to what you might think, many couples engage in this activity whether for fun or because they are really looking for something. Anyway if you have never tried, offer him this activity and try to choose the sex shop beforehand thanks to the Internet. We don't want a weird and awkward place, we're looking for a fun place to discover together...

    There you go! You now have the 8 tips needed to spice up your relationship. Ready to try them? Go ahead, you only risk the "yes"! 😉

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