Incredible but true, Von Dutch is back… After an ultra-fashionable facelift!

The ultimate piece of this collaboration in which to invest? CK: “Just one is too hard, but a little trio: The bowling bag, the crop top and the embroidered cap for a perfect 90's look! ”

What inspires you? CK: “So many things, I live in a big city, I travel, I meet exciting people, I'm interested in all kinds of things, I have this chance to remain very curious. Inspiration is something that sometimes goes beyond you, it comes from anywhere. But it also happens sometimes. Contemporary Art is a great source of inspiration, my friends too, I'm so happy that museums and concerts are back. We need artists, culture so much...”

The 5 pieces a woman should always have in her wardrobe?

  1. A lingerie dress
  2. A comfortable open knit
  3. Sexy high waisted jeans
  4. An embroidered party top
  5. A trench coat