Jean-Paul Belmondo Au Anges: his daughter Stella is a graduate!

It's in the pocket !Dressed in a toga and the diploma in hand, Stella Belmondo shared her joy on her Instagram account.What make his father proud Jean-Paul Belmondo proud.

"Give me your hand and take mine.But yes, but yes, high school is over! ".A new page in student life turns to Stella Belmondo.And this of the most beautiful ways.Like many students, the 17 -year -old girl was looking forward to the results of the baccalaureate.And once the verdict fell the daughter of Jean-Paul Belmondo seized his Instagram account to share the happy news.This Wednesday, July 7, Stella is officially graduated!Alongside her friends, the high school girl cannot hide her joy and pride.

On this last publication, the young lady looks like a real American.Dressed in a black toga and a hat, the traditional outfit for graduation in the United States, the pretty blonde shines with happiness.A joy that is very quickly contagious and praised by its many subscribers."You assured, congratulations my stella!", "Bravo young girl, you can now enjoy your vacation", "Congratulations beautiful youth", "Bravo young girl, it's great!", Can we read in comments.Schooled at the Paris International Bilingual School (EIB) in Paris, Stella Belmondo finished her secondary studies brilliantly.Thanks to this Saint-Graal, the little sister of Paul and Florence Belmondo will certainly have no difficulty in joining the school of her dreams.During an interview with Paris Match, the passionate girl of literature, history and politics had expressed her wish to "register for Sciences Po".But before preparing the start of the school year, make way for the party!

Stella Belmondo: her name makes her suffer

With this nice diploma in pocket and well -drawn professional ambitions, Stella Belmondo no longer wants to be considered as the "daughter of ..." A label that has very often been difficult for the daughter of the legendary French actor."I hate being reduced to my lineage.It's almost humiliating, I would prefer to identify for my merits, "she was indignant to Paris Match in November 2019.From the top of her young age, Stella Belmondo tries to trace her own path.The one that shone during the last beginner's ball in November 2019 knew how to make a nice place in the prized world of social networks.True fashionista, the girl offers a parade of outfits all more trendy than the other.When she does not pose in a hippie-discontracted outfit in crop top white and jeans tie and dye, the student opts for a long bohemian dress with flowers.So, political career or modeling?Stella Belmondo will not be long in informing her community.

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