Singer William Sheller evokes with emotion on France 5, his violent illness which "attacks the body"

William Sheller was the guest of "C à vous" this Wednesday March 24 and it was an opportunity for the famous French singer to talk about his burnout, facing a curious Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

"It attacks the body. When you have a work ethic and you realize that it is distorted for stupid reasons (...) It makes you nervous, sick. You don't do your job as it should and we are surrounded by people who don't seem to care. And then, when we insist despite everything, it attacks the body", he declared on France 5.

"That evening, on the Victoires stage, you made the decision never to give concerts again, to sing, even to play the piano (...) You dismantled your studio, as if you wanted to erase everything" , immediately recalled the host.

Le chanteur William Sheller évoque avec émotion sur France 5, sa violente maladie qui

"This period was like a kind of initiatory death (...) We are no longer the same person", immediately confided to him William Sheller, who does not forget anything of what he has experienced.

The main interested party recently published a book soberly called "William" (Ed. of Equators) in which he tells his story like never before.

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