3 looks to be trendy with tiles


Le carreau est depuis plusieurs saisons déjà, l’un des incontournables à avoir dans sa garde-robe ! En effet, les pièces mode du moment – les manteaux oversizes, les pantalons larges, les jupes courtes ou encore les chemises oversizes – ont toutes un point commun… le twist à carreaux !3 looks pour être tendance avec des carreaux 3 looks pour être tendance avec des carreaux

So, if you have not yet succumbed to the motive of the moment, we offer 3 looks to be trendy with tiles.Because yes, we dare everything, the Scottish patterns, the large tiles, the small tiles, the prince of Wales print or even a hen foot ... Here are our 3 inspirations of the week!

1.Look 1: The long checkered coat associated with its handbag

For a trendy checkered style, you can opt for a strong room like a long coat with the famous printed.You can associate it with a woolen sweater, Mom pants and a pretty pair of boots: and voila!In addition, you just have to enhance your outfit with a handbag subtly reminiscent of the mantle and you will be both trendy and elegant.

2.Look 2: The checkered dress

3 looks pour être tendance avec des carreaux

For the second look, we offer you an outfit that could not be feminine with the room to have this season: the Prince de Wales print dress!An oversized coat?Chelsea Boots?A small square handbag?You hold a rock, feminine and trendy look!

3.Look 3: The chicken pattern jacket

Finally, the last look is undoubtedly our favorite of this selection!We invite you to combine a black uphill collar sweater with a chicken pattern jacket.In addition, all associated with straight cut pants, a pair of converse and a leather or imitation leather backpack, will give a modern twist to an emblematic Scottish room!

And you, for which look are you going to crack?

Find the whole selection here.

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